Why all serious business owners should consider Mobile App Development

Mobile app development isn’t just for the major players like Westpac and Air New Zealand. More and more small and medium sized business owners are discovering the potential of having their own app. The reason is it is now more understood and accepted that being competitive in today’s digital world means having more than just a mobile friendly website.

Reasons for mobile app development

Always be in your customers pocket (and mind)

Recent studies show that the average person spends two hours per day on their mobile phone. That’s the average person, so take out all the old people and technophobes who don’t know what Facebook is, and you’re looking at a serious amount of time spent online via a handheld device. With your app on someone’s homepage, that’s a lot of free advertising!

Contact all your customers directly

One of the biggest advantages of mobile app development is being able to directly contact all your potential customers and clients immediately with a touch of a button. Through Push Notifications you can spread the word about sales and promotions, special offers and discounts, and promote your business to the people who you know are interested.

Build a genuine relationship with your customers

Mobile app development is a great way to allow customers direct contact with you, whether it’s for help, orders or anything else. Customers always need to be able to reach you, and an app on their phone is the easiest way to do that. Some people don’t like talking on the phone, others simply don’t have the time, especially within business hours. A few touches on their mobile is the perfect way to get around this.

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