Three advantages of custom software development

Every business is different, and as such, no generic, off-the-shelf software is ever going to fit every business perfectly. That’s when custom software development can really help your business get ahead of the competition. Below are 3 reasons why you should consider custom software development.

It’s made specifically for you and your customers

This is the number one reason why you should seriously give thought to building your own software. Modern Apps are built with the latest technology and programming software, and can be created to suit your company perfectly. If your customers or clients need something that is tailored to them, then you can build that something. No off-the-shelf software will ever be able to do that.

It makes sense financially

The initial cost of custom software development maybe higher than simply buying a ready-made product, but in the long term it will pay for itself. Buying generic software is only good for a fixed term, usually 12 months, and then you have to buy it again. And then again in another 12 months. With your own software, once the initial investment is made, then it’s all yours!

You’re in control

With licenced software, you are always at the mercy of the developer. If they decide to raise their price, you’re screwed. If they have a massive security breach, you’re screwed. If they go bankrupt, you’re screwed. When you own and control the software you use, you don’t have to rely on other people to make your business work.

So if you’re interested in custom software development, or just want to know more about it, give Central Station a call. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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