The top five languages for mobile app development

When it comes to mobile app development, the programmes used to write the code is a lot more complicated than the old fashioned home computers. It used to be the case that one simple code could work in any browser (given, with a bit of tweaking here and there), and it would work on a Mac, PC or pretty much any cross platform system.

Mobile App development is very different though, with different languages needed for different platforms. The code you use to make an App for an iPhone is very different for the same programme on a Galaxy. This means that software developers need to use a wide variety of programming languages when it comes to Mobile App Development. Below are the top five.


This is the basic and most popular language for Mobile App Development. It’s widely used, fits with almost everything, and because it’s already based on HTML, it’s easy to learn compared to a brand new language.


Not to be confused with Javascript , JAVA is one of the most frequently used programming languages around, and is especially common in mobile devices. It’s the weapon of choice for Android platforms, and is great for cross-platform Apps.


It’s been around since before mobile devices, but for basic code that does the job, there’s nothing better. C++ has been used to make every possible type of programme, across every conceivable platform.

Objective C

This is Apples main code for programming, although it’s now being replaced by Swift (see below). Used for their main operating systems, it’s not specifically used for mobile app development, but is still very common.


Swift is Apples main language for Mobile App Development. If you’re intending on writing an App on iOS, then Swift would be the programme to use. Recently Apple also announced that they would be making Swift open sourced, so from now on, anyone can write code using it.

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