The three stages of iOS app development

If you’re interested in iOS app development, curious to how to go about it, we’ve put together this short article explaining the three main stages of developing your own App. Take a look and see if you have what it takes for iOS app development!


Stage 1: Having an idea for an App is the hard part!

The difficult thing about iOS app development is thinking of an App that no one has thought of before. Let’s see, how about an App that translates your voice into meows so your cat can understand you? Oh, it’s already been done? Ok then, how about virtual bubble wrap that lets you pop it to relieve stress? Oh, that’s been done too? Ok, well, um, yeah, we’ll have to think about this…

Stage 2: Developing the App takes time, hard work and professionals

Ok, so you’ve had a great idea for an App, what’s next? How do you get it made? Well that’s when you need to call in the professionals. iOS app development is a difficult job, and only professional software developers can make your dream come to life. They will have the right resources and experience to take your idea and make it something viable, something sellable. Which leads us to the next important phase of iOS app development…

Stage 3: Getting your App approved by Apple

This is another reason why you need professional developers to create your App from scratch. Apple are very strict on who gets to sell Apps on their platforms and through iTunes. There’s a lot of specific targets you need to meet and hoops to jump through, and without professionals to help you guide this minefield, you’ll never get the special Apple “seal of approval”.