Surprising results in mobile app development

New research out today by the Telerik company, finds that 57% of software development companies have never built a mobile app; despite many companies now operating a “mobile-first” strategy. The results come from a poll of 3,000 respondents consisting of everyone from CEO’s to software developers. 47% of those companies, on average, create just the one functional app per year.

“Developers are having to rush their applications onto market, sometimes sacrificing security”

One of the main reasons for this lack of investment in creating mobile app development is the ever changing technology. Once an App begins development, some new platform comes along, such as wearable devices, and makes it obsolete.

The research also shows that almost half (44%) of the developers consider the user experience as the most important factor in mobile app development, with security coming in at only 11%. This lower placing on the importance of security shows a desire to get products out and into the market, with the lack of time the primary limitation in mobile app development.

The research also makes it clear that developers are choosing hybrid development over native or web in order to ensure a balance is made between performance and the ability to target multiple platforms. 33% claim hybrid as their most-preferred form of development, followed by native at 25%, and web at 19%.

This report gives us a good understanding of where the mobile app development industry is in the modern world. It shows how developers are having to rush their applications onto market, sometimes sacrificing security, and that they are using hybrid development practices in order to target as many platforms as possible.


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