Call us for custom software development!

If you need custom software development, then give Central Station Software a call! Whether you need support for already existing systems or your business is looking for brand new software that needs built from scratch, then we can help. Our team of experts can create a unique system, perfectly suited to you and your business, designed to make life easier and your company run smoother.

Our custom software development has a clear path of development

  • Step one- Discover
    We take the time to discover you and your business, understanding your needs and desires, both as a business and as a client.
  • Step two- Business Analysis
    Here we investigate your systems & processes, and observe user interaction, presenting recommendations and future roadmap for our custom software development.
  • Step three- Solution
    We design a framework unique to your business requirement, ensuring your objectives are achieved and efficiencies are created
  • Step four- Review and pricing
    We meet and discuss our recommended solution highlighting benefits and ensuring you have a thorough understanding of our solution and deliverables.
  • Step five- Implementation
    Following a clear plan, our team creates your new solution, keeping you up to date with milestones, delivering the new systems on time.
  • Step six- Quality assurance
    Finally we assure you peace of mind with our robust testing and checking, ensuring you are delivered results and value for money.

Our custom software development is a painless, innovative and client focused system, that is sure to get you the results you want! Our team of developers can help you whether you’re located in Auckland like us, New Zealand wide, or even across the Ditch in Australia. Call us today!

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