Internship for Junior Software Developers or Testers

As partner to Industry Connect, for recent graduates, please consider to take software job ready programme provided by Industry Connect,

in there, you can

  • Get noticed by potential employers
  • It will change all aspects of your life
  • Explore your options
  • Meet the important people
  • Learn more than you can imagine

It consists of practical programming or testing sessions followed by programming internship on commercial projects

Central Station Software only accept internship if you have completed the job ready programme by Industry Connect.

Three advantages of custom software development

Every business is different, and as such, no generic, off-the-shelf software is ever going to fit every business perfectly. That’s when custom software development can really help your business get ahead of the competition. Below are 3 reasons why you should consider custom software development. Read more

The top five languages for mobile app development

When it comes to mobile app development, the programmes used to write the code is a lot more complicated than the old fashioned home computers. It used to be the case that one simple code could work in any browser (given, with a bit of tweaking here and there), and it would work on a Mac, PC or pretty much any cross platform system. Read more

Call us for custom software development!

If you need custom software development, then give Central Station Software a call! Whether you need support for already existing systems or your business is looking for brand new software that needs built from scratch, then we can help. Our team of experts can create a unique system, perfectly suited to you and your business, designed to make life easier and your company run smoother. Read more

Surprising results in mobile app development

New research out today by the Telerik company, finds that 57% of software development companies have never built a mobile app; despite many companies now operating a “mobile-first” strategy. The results come from a poll of 3,000 respondents consisting of everyone from CEO’s to software developers. 47% of those companies, on average, create just the one functional app per year. Read more