Apple or Android App development? Here’s the arguments for Android

They’re certainly two sides to this debate, but which is right for you; Apple or Android App development? This week we argue the side of Android, and the advantages that brings.

Android App development give more choice

Basically, anyone can make an App for Android and put it out there. This is really handy for young developers or small businesses working on Android App development. In contrast, Apple have a very strict policy on who can make apps for their platform and everything is strictly monitored. Not great for up and coming developers.

Your software can be used on more devices

With apple you’ve got your iPad or your iPhone. With Android you’ve got at least 250 devices, all with different specifications and price. From kids education toys to high-spec gaming machines, Android App Development is everywhere. Very handy for your business, as you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your customers.

Android is more flexible

Again, Apple are quite hostile when it comes to other platforms, and as such, forces developers to dance to their tune. Android on the other hand is entirely open, and can work across as many platforms as possible. As a result it’s quicker and easier for companies to get any Windows or Linux app they need onto Android than it is on iOS.

Android apps reach the market faster

The Android platform has a proven track record of supporting the latest cutting-edge ideas. While casual apps still seem to appear on iOS first, the bigger hardware innovations almost invariably start at Google. Android app development was the first to support WiFi Direct, WebP images, multiple user accounts and screen mirroring support through Miracast. In addition, when something doesn’t exist, the open platform makes it almost guaranteed that it will be available within hours of a need being identified, rather than having to wait two years for Apple to release something.

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