Franchise Management Solutions

As experts in Franchise Management Solutions we provide customised end to end platforms that give you clarity, group forecasting efficiency, productivity and the ability to save money. We pride ourselves in giving your franchisee’s the opportunity to spend more time on their business rather than in the business and providing you with a system that adds value to your business and helps you be the best in your industry.

Looking to improve your franchise system and save the money?




A secure E-commerce facility for your internal or external shopping cart or booking system that requires clients to pay online. We can customise the right solution for your requirements integrating with all payment gateways and credit card facilities.


Key Metrics Dashboard

Get fast and regular insights at a franchisee or group level with all the variables you need to stay competitive and profitable. All the reports you need to make critical business decisions displayed conveniently on one simple dashboard.


Fast Deployment

Our software platform provides you the ability to deploy a brand new account or branch user to your franchisee in minutes. Scale up with confidence.


Customer Relationship Management

Our CRM system allows for easy lead and customer management. It also allows head office admins to access group data for research, segmentation and targeting. All of our systems are easily integrated with third-party CRM platforms that your organisation may be using.


User Management and Internal Communication

Our system allows user logs, the ability to assign roles and permissions as well as robust user forums and enhanced chat tools to improve the community spirit of the organisation.


Document Management

Manage all kinds of documents can be stored for easy access using our cloud based filing cabinet. Control access of files to specific users or groups.


A Stronger Network

Our system creates potential for developing healthier franchisees. When a franchisee is making money, they are happy. Our solutions assist coaching your members to run businesses that are smart and professional with robust and profitable systems.

Improves Performance

Our dashboard gives real time view of your core metrics and valuable information from across your whole network. View historical, actual and forecasted data giving you a powerful tool to make informed decisions. 

Tracking Sales

Use our system to improve your knowledge of what is coming into you pipeline at both individual and group levels. This enables you to manage cash flow and growth projections in real time.

Franchisee Management

Actual and real time information from your franchisee’s enables you to provide excellent coaching and training – because you know their business as well as they do. Collecting group fee’s is no longer a problem with all members using the same system allowing you to know what is currently due and what is forecasted.


Sharing information across your group is a powerful way for members to evaluate their own performance, create competition and motivate growth. Our systems allow you to compare franchisee’s identifying your top and bottom performers and showing averages. You can filter your criteria’s to get the management reports you need.

Improve Communication

With effective communication being the heart of any successful business, our system provides a suite of easy to use and powerful communication tools such as forums, internal chat, document sharing, and calendars and tasks management.

Save Money

One of the roles of a franchisor is to increase profits in the network by reducing the costs of operations. Our system can monitor all the expenses in your business against you income in real time or as a budgeted forecast allowing you to cut back where you need prior to the event.

Save Time

Running well planned digital systems allows you to cut much of your wasted admin time down to a minimum, allowing you to focus on the best use of your time. Our team are experts at analyzing your business practices and creating highly efficient software solutions.

Protect Data

We understand the value of your data and the close relationship between those records and your brand proposition. With Franchise Manager, security of data is guaranteed and our system controls access to all the information in your network.